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Prospective Student Days

Over the course of the Spring Semester, we are hosting four Prospective Student Days for families interested in our Farm School and After School Programs. The days begin at 9 am. Parents/guardians will join our Program Director for an informal Q&A while the kids join our Wednesday Farm School group. Kids can stay with the group for the duration of the Q&A, for a half day until 12 pm, or for the full day until 3 pm -- for no cost. We highly encourage younger children (4 or 5 years old) to take a half day.  

We will host prospective families on March 27th, April 17th, May 15th, and May 22nd.

Daily Flow

8:30-9:00 // Arrival

9:10 // Morning Circle

9:30 // Chores

10:30 // Snack

10:50 // Project time 

11:30 // Secondary Chores

12:00 // Early pick up

12:15 // Hike to Lunch

1:00 // Story time, game time, forest exploration

1:45 // Hike back to the Farm

2:00 // Afternoon Checks

2:30 // Project wrap up time

2:45 // Closing Circle

3:00 // Pick up


Packing List
  • Hearty lunch

  • Hearty snack

  • Warm beverage (tea or hot cocoa in Thermos)

  • Two filled water bottles

  • Winter hat

  • Midlayer

  • If it's a chilly day, snow clothes (snow pants & ski jacket)

  • If it's a more temperate day, rain gear (rain jacket & rain pants)

  • Mittens or gloves

  • Winter boots

  • Extra socks

  • Muddy/wet clothes bag, a plastic bag works well for this

  • Please leave all knives, tools, and electronics at home. (If your child has a cell phone, we require them to keep it in their bin unless they need to contact an adult.)

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