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Family Farming Time

Time and time again, we've seen children gaining so much from their engagement with the farm—a sense of belonging in the natural world, and a deep-rooted belief that they have something valuable to contribute to their community at any age. Family Farming Time, or FFT, is for kids 18 months and up. In this program, adults will join their children as we work together to take care of our bunnies, chickens, goats, and gardens. Currently, FFT runs on Mondays, from 10:30 until 11:45 am. After 11:30 am, there is free play time, during which families are welcome to stick around, and engage with the animals and other families as they choose. 



  • FFT is a work-oriented program. Please help us to set appropriate expectations for the kids, and to create a positive culture around being in service to plants and animals. We are firm believers in the idea that helping out can look many different ways. We will do our best to modify tasks to meet each participant’s abilities.

  • In a similar vein, please try to refrain from doing tasks for the kids. Instead, try working alongside them if at all.

  • When possible, slow things down. Being on the farm can be so exciting for kids, and can sometimes lead to dysregulation. By slowing things down, we are trying to ground the kids, and bring their attention to the task at hand.

  • Safety is number one. There is inherent risk associated with working on the farm. Then add small kids! We are a working farm with heavy machinery, tools, electric fences, animals, river ditches, etc. Our farmers will help, but the parents and guardians are responsible for monitoring the safety of their children.

  • We expect that kids will bring their whole selves to the farm, which means that behavioral issues may arise. Parents and guardians are responsible for managing their children’s behavior (e.g. tantrums, interpersonal conflicts, hurt feelings, etc).

  • We are a fully outdoor program. In order for your child to thrive in this environment, they will need appropriate clothing and gear (e.g. boots, hats, gloves, sunscreen, etc). Please check the weather before you head out to the farm. 

  • We encourage families to bring water and a snack.

  • We always recommend an end of day tick check.

  • At NVF, we are committed to creating safe, healthy, and rich experiences for your children. We ask that you support us and our community by keeping your child home if they test positive for COVID or if your child is showing symptoms of illness. If you have any questions about a specific illness-related scenario, please let us know.

Age 18 months and up!

Mondays 10:30-11:45 am


First session is FREE! $25 per session per family for drop-ins or $90 for a whole month. 

 Have questions? Email us at!

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