We are already looking forward to our 2022 summer camps! COVID-19 continues to be an ever-present reality, but our mission of fostering wellness and belonging through farming remains unchanged. Our general COVID Protocols and Refund Policy are listed below. If you have any questions regarding our camps, please email

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Open to Children 6-11 Mornings are spent working with animals and in the garden. During the afternoon, we focus on play and exploration around the farm and surrounding forest, with plenty of opportunity to dive into the unique interests of the campers. 

Open to Children 10+ designed to serve kids who love farm work. This camp is led by farm employees who need to get things done in their day and are happy to have kids join them in that effort.

Open to ages 5-6, this program is a great introductory camp to the farm. We follow a similar day-to-day structure as Farm and Garden camp, but for younger kids who are served by smaller group sizes. 

This is a great opportunity for young people ages 12+ who would like to get more involved with childcare opportunities. It’s also a great way for them to share their love of the farm with younger kids!

Farm and Garden Camp

Farm and Garden Camp is our longest-running program. We provide children with exposure to nature, interaction with animals, the freedom to learn and grow from experiences, and the time and space to breathe deep. We are committed to their participation in the stewardship of animals, farms, gardens, and wild spaces. We build our programs around their love of nature and animals, their capacity for kindness, their competence in work, and their right to belong.

  • Mornings are spent working with animals and in the garden.

  • Afternoons are spent in a mixture of free play and planned activities, including craft and construction projects, marsh/field/forest play, and lots of animal time and activities. 

Our camp weeks no longer carry themes. We have found it serves the children better to adapt our activities to the season, the weather, their interests, and the constellation of children. Rest assured, there will be many opportunities to incorporate your child's interests into their week. 

Monday - Friday 9 AM-3 PM

Ages 6-11

Tuition: $325 (15% Sibling Discount)


Counselor In Training

Campers 12 years and up who enjoy working with their younger peers are invited to join us as CITs (Counselors in Training).

This is a great opportunity for young people who would like to get more involved with childcare opportunities (i.e. babysitting connections, mentor experience, work references). It’s also a great way for them to share their love of the farm with younger kids. You need not have been a camper to become a CIT. We will host one CIT training/orientation session on Saturday, June 11th, so all CITS can get a sense of the land and the expectations of Farm Camp before our season begins. We will send more information on this day after registration.


Our CIT program has three tiers:

  • The first tier encompasses all new CITS to NVF. Their cost is priced at $225 per week.

  • The second tier are those who have had a good amount of experience in the role, and have demonstrated a strong ability to lead and take on more responsibility. This is the volunteer-level category, in which the CIT is able to attend Farm Camp free of cost. Staff will contact the CIT or CIT’s parent or caregiver directly if the CIT is eligible.

  • The third tier is stipended. CITs in this tier have been attending NVF for multiple seasons, and have consistently demonstrated their commitment to the mission of the Farm and their ability to work compassionately with kids. CITS in this tier must be 14+. Staff will contact the CIT or CIT’s parent or caregiver directly if the CIT is eligible.

Monday - Friday 8:15 AM-3 PM

Ages 12 and Up

Tuition: $225


Crew Camps

Crew Camp is designed to serve kids who love farm work. We balance our work with breaks and play, but our focus remains on serving the animals, plants, and infrastructure of the Farm. We ask that you take the Crew’s commitment to service into consideration when thinking of registering your child. If your child is not interested in hard, physical work, then this is not the program for them.

Monday - Friday 9 AM-3 PM

Ages 10 and Up

Tuition: $225 (15% Sibling Discount)



Open to children ages 5-6, Pathfinders is a program designed to serve our youngest campers with smaller group sizes and a space all their own for exploration, imagination, and the joyful work of the farm. This program eases newcomers into the magic and responsibility of work with animals and plants at a more moderate pace. We follow a rhythm similar to Farm and Garden Camp; we spend our morning working with the animals and in the garden, and our afternoons are spent exploring the woods, quarry, fields, and marshes around the farm, and diving into the interests that emerge from the group. Projects can range from animal care, gardening, carpentry, wilderness skills, nature crafts, and whatever we dream up together.

Monday - Friday 9 AM-3 PM

Ages 5-6

Tuition: $325 (15% Sibling Discount)

Afternoon Program

Open to children entering grades K-6 in the 2022-2023 school year. We envision afternoons to be a time for kids to unwind from the day, work on crafts, play games, and spend time with animals. Going to camp and afternoon program in the same day might be a long day for some kids, and might be great for others—we trust you to make a call on whether it would work for your child to do both in the same day and offer flexible pickup options to shorten or lengthen the time depending on what works best for your child.

Tuesday - Friday 3:30 - 6:00 PM with pickups at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm

(*no afternoon program 6/28-7/1 or 7/5-7/8)

Grades K-6

Tuition: $110/week with 6pm pickups

$220/weekday for all 8 weeks

$30/day drop-in

COVID Protocols

We believe that remaining outdoors, social distancing, and masks are our best allies for creating a safe environment.  Masks are required by all staff and campers. We do allow for mask breaks when we are adequately distanced and outdoors. Otherwise, masks are required to be worn over the mouth and nose.


We ask that parents:

  1. perform health and temperature checks before coming to camp each day.

  2. keep children home if they have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID within the previous 14 days.

  3. respect all quarantine guidelines currently recommended around out of state travel.  

We will: 

  1. perform health checks of children each morning as they arrive. Children exhibiting symptoms will be sent home. Please remain on the premises until your child’s health check is complete.

  2. continue limiting camp sizes according to CDC guidelines and Vermont State Regulations.  

  3. We use a tote system rather than a cubby system to avoid congregating during events such as putting on sunscreen/bug spray, changing into different gear, and getting out our lunch boxes.  

  4. To promote social distancing, our circle is painted with 7 ft distant seating markers, we have swim toys with handles 6+ feet apart and have spaced large painted rocks 8 feet apart in all our lunch locations.  


We find ourselves in ever-changing times, and as always strive to respond to the needs of our community as they unfold. We will keep you informed if any of our protocols evolve or change to meet the moment. 

Refund Policy

We are offering the option to withdraw from our summer programs before May 15th with a non-refundable fee of $50 or a credit for the full amount applied to future programming. You may also withdraw after May 15th with a non-refundable $100 fee or a credit for the full amount minus $50 dollar processing fee applied to future programming. 

Discount Policy

We offer 15% discounts for any siblings as long as they attend the same program and week as the first child. The 15% is only deducted from the second or more children's tuition and is made at checkout.


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