New Village Farm is a diverse educational farm located in Shelburne, Vermont. The small raw milk cow and goat dairies, poultry operation, gardens, and wilderness areas form an extensive outdoor learning space where people of all ages are invited to actively participate.


Our primary focus is creating opportunities of participation and belonging for youth, as well as fostering connections with earth, plants and animals. The farm hosts a summer camp, adult and family workshops, farm school, and other year-round programming. Our basic philosophy is that healthy lives and actions are founded in healthy relationships to ourselves, to each other and to the natural world.


Our daily curriculum is dictated by the challenges presented by the land, the seasons, the plants, and the animals. Our agricultural practices are earth centered. Our approach to education is immersive and restorative.


Farming in the company of children and community can be chaotic. Flexibility and comfort working in the gray areas, trust in ourselves and in others, and a willingness to grow are essential characteristics. Our curriculum and systems are constantly evolving in relationship with the animals, the land, and with each other.  We prioritize building community around the farm and allowing our animals to live out the essential expressions of their species over meeting specific production goals.


If this sounds exciting to you, and our values align with your own, we look forward to hearing from you.

We encourage applicants from all backgrounds and communities, and are committed to having a team that is made up of diverse skills, experiences, and abilities.

Positions Hiring

Farm Camp Counselor:

We are hiring day camp counselors for our three summer camps: Pathfinders Camp (ages 5-6), Farm & Garden Camp (ages 6-11, plus CITs from age 12+), and Crew Camp (ages 10+).

Our Summer Camp counselors are the backbone of our summer here at New Village. We host around 300 campers over the course of the summer, many of whom return year after year because they love the blend of freedom, trust, responsibility, and fun at the core of our programs.

Pathfinders: Open to children ages 5-6, Pathfinders is a program designed to serve our youngest campers with smaller group sizes and a space all their own for exploration, imagination, and the joyful work of the farm. This program eases newcomers into the magic and responsibility of work with animals and plants at a more moderate pace. We follow a rhythm similar to Farm and Garden Camp; we spend our morning working with the animals and in the garden, and our afternoons are spent exploring the woods, quarry, fields, and marshes around the farm, and diving into the interests that emerge from the group. Projects can range from animal care, gardening, carpentry, wilderness skills, nature crafts, and whatever we dream up together.

Farm & Garden Camp: Farm and Garden Camp is our longest-running program. We provide children with exposure to nature, interaction with animals, the freedom to learn and grow from experiences, and the time and space to breathe deep. We are committed to their participation in the stewardship of animals, farms, gardens, and wild spaces. We build our programs around their love of nature and animals, their capacity for kindness, their competence in work, and their right to belong. Mornings are spent working with animals and in the garden. Afternoons are spent in a mixture of free play and planned activities, including craft and construction projects, marsh/field/forest play, and lots of animal time.

Crew Camp: The focus of this camp is continuing to grow the skills and competence of the many kids who value animal husbandry, gardening and outdoor engagement.  Crew members are responsible for the execution of all chores that go beyond the scope of the younger camps, including milking cows, daily pasture rotations and fence maintenance, gardening, etc. Crew also engages in carpentry and other projects that serve the farm’s infrastructure. 

Required Qualities:

  • Relevant educational or childcare experience

  • Professional and compassionate interpersonal skills

  • A contagious passion for the outdoors and the work of farming and gardening 

  • The ability to direct and support farm chore times for a mixed-age group, such that they experience satisfaction and competence

  • The ability to support kids in pursuing healthy self-directed projects and interests

  • A Behavior = Communication approach to discipline, familiarity with restorative practices 

  • Exceptional group management skills

  • A passion for fostering nature awareness, mindfulness, wonder and creativity

  • Experience working in an outdoor or farm setting, preferred

  • Experience in animal husbandry and gardening are a huge plus

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing the arc of the camp day, including farm chores (milking, chicken chores, garden tasks, etc.)

  • Leading morning and closing circles

  • Teaching daily nature skills (weaving with cattails, plant-ID, natural dyeing, spinning wool, fire by friction, building skills, clay, etc)

  • Mediating challenges within the group using restorative practices 

  • Teaching and practicing safe farm boundaries

  • Co-leading with our other counselors and other farm staff

Extra responsibilities may include:

  • Managing written and verbal communication with parents

  • Managing the CIT program (mentoring, giving feedback, etc)

  • Curriculum design and implementation 

The counselor position runs from M-F, 7:30-3:30 pm. The program runs from June 13-August 26th (one week off during the week of July 4th), with many opportunities to work with students on-farm prior to the beginning of the camp season.

Hourly wage $15-20 depending on experience

Please send a cover letter, resume, contact information, and two references to Maggie@newvillagefarm.com. In your cover letter, please indicate your preference between Pathfinders Camp (ages 5-6), Farm & Garden Camp (ages 5-11, plus CITs from age 12+), and Crew Camp (ages 10+) if applicable.

Livestock Manager

We are seeking a livestock manager and educator who can:

  • Manage of the health and welfare of small herds of cows, and goats, as well as chickens, turkeys and rabbits 

  • Help our Animal rental families set up and be available for questions during the rental period

  • Structure animal care systems and tasks for inclusion of many helpers 

  • Understand the benefits of farm work opportunities for children and adults 

  • Proactively communicate and collaborate with community members: staff, participants, parents, and visitors 

  • Run workshops and classes 

  • Manage enterprise budgets 

  • Prioritize environment, animal well-being, and learning opportunities

  • Work weekend hours

Daily Tasks agricultural:

  • Milking cows and goats with kids or independently 

  • Coordinating Intensive management grazing systems 

  • Coordinating seasonal animal transitions 

  • Ag enterprise decision making 

  • Sterilizing milking equipment 

  • Stocking products 

  • Operating agricultural machinery

Daily Tasks educational:

  • Coordinating tasks that can be accomplished by education programs and working closely with camp and other program directors to set clear expectations 

  • Coordinating the volunteer program 

  • Developing and running workshops and leading farm based activities and projects 

  • Helping to evolve and inform community members on safe farm practices and 

  • Understanding how behaviors communicate needs


Applicants should be experienced in both livestock management and education and expect to spend 30-60% of their hours with learners.

This full-time, year-round position will start with a 3-month trial period to allow us to evaluate with you if the role feels like a good long-term fit.

Hourly wage $18-22 depending on experience

Please send a cover letter, resume, contact information, and two references to nvfbusinessoffice@gmail.com

Ag and Craft
Teachers & Mentors

We’re looking for experienced hands-on teachers and mentors to share their skills and knowledge with our community. These roles can be on a very part-time basis to fit your schedule, with time commitments ranging from 2 hrs to 10 hrs/week, or for blocks of time every few weeks, whatever suits you.

We envision that teachers/mentors could either teach our staff, our staff and our learners, or outside learners only (workshops, etc.) depending on their skills and interests. We welcome teachers/mentors to run classes and workshops if that is of interest.

The skills our community is most eager to build include:

  • Carpentry

  • Livestock skills including working with draft animals

  • Cheesemaking

  • Basic mechanics

  • Beekeeping

  • Blacksmithing

  • Garden-based culinary skills

  • Primitive skills

  • Birding

  • Wildcrafting

  • Whittling

  • Foraging

  • Basketweaving

This can be a very flexible position, that fits into a season or schedule that works for you, and which applies your skills in a way that feels fulfilling to you.

Pay will vary based on experience and commitment.

If this sounds exciting to you, and our values align with your own, we look forward to hearing from you. Please send us a brief proposal of what you’d be interested in bringing to the farm, your contact information to nvfbusinessoffice@gmail.com. Because we work with children, background checks are part of our hiring process.