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New Village Farm is a diverse educational farm located in Shelburne, Vermont. The small raw milk cow and goat dairies, poultry operation, gardens, and wilderness areas form an extensive outdoor learning space where people of all ages are invited to actively participate.


A primary focus of ours is creating opportunities of participation and belonging for youth, as well as fostering connections with earth, plants and animals. The farm hosts a summer camp, adult and family workshops, farm school, and other year-round programming. Our basic philosophy is that healthy lives and actions are founded in healthy relationships to ourselves, to each other, and to the natural world.


Our daily curriculum is dictated by the challenges presented by the land, the seasons, the plants, and the animals. Our agricultural practices are earth centered. Our approach to education is immersive and restorative.


Farming in the company of children and community can be chaotic. Flexibility and comfort working in the gray areas, trust in ourselves and in others, and a willingness to grow are essential characteristics. Our curriculum and systems are constantly evolving in relationship with the animals, the land, and with each other.  We prioritize building community around the farm and allowing our animals to live out the essential expressions of their species over meeting specific production goals.


If this sounds exciting to you, and our values align with your own, we look forward to hearing from you.

We encourage applicants from all backgrounds and communities, and are committed to having a team that is made up of diverse skills, experiences, and abilities.

Quick Links to Open Positions

Positions Hiring

Business Manager

We are seeking a strong Business Manager to support us 30-40 hours per week in the planning, marketing, and developing of systems and structures that form the interface between customers/participants and the farm. We have been increasingly moving toward a proactive and highly collaborative operating model, and the Business Manager is essential to the continued progression of this vision. 

Qualities and behaviors we are looking for:

  • Professional and compassionate interpersonal skills

  • Detail-oriented

  • Able to break down big picture projects into manageable steps and delegate them effectively

  • Creative, enjoys problem solving, and can develop strategies and structures to support a lively, growing business

  • Able to support financial targets without sacrificing NVF’s values

  • Motivated to monetize our strengths without diluting the environment, our program’s integrity, or the animals’ welfare

  • Can effectively and comfortably promote the Farm’s mission and vision to others

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Able to work independently as well as collaboratively equally well

  • Proactively anticipates needs, and oriented toward action and problem-solving

  • Consistently follows through on tasks large to small, as well as delegation of tasks

Responsibilities vary day to day and season to season, and are intertwined with collaborative team conversation and co-working. This list encapsulates the majority of the Business Manager’s day-to-day work focus:

  • Co-work with farm owner throughout the week toward administrative and business goals and tasks. Co-work with staff on decision-making and specific tasks and initiatives.

  • Oversee and co-develop agricultural enterprise budgets for the cow and goat dairies, gardens, poultry, educational programming, and animal rental programs

  • Bookkeeping and monthly reconciliation of farm finances using Quickbooks

  • Manage marketing and gain input from team on marketing materials including, NVF's website (Wix), registration software (Jumbula), email newsletter (Mailchimp), and occasionally web and print ad purchases and designs

  • Communicate via email, phone, text, and sometimes in person, with community members, programming families, partners, etc.

  • Co-develop and refine business operations, processes, and systems to organize and streamline product sales and program offerings to individuals and organizations

  • Support the development of organizational documents for parent communication, staff responsibilities, curriculum development, grant applications, etc.

  • Support scheduling and administrative needs of educational programming team, including helping schedule substitute educators, generating rosters, creating and updating program registrations, processing refunds and other requests, and logistical communication to parents due to inclement weather, policy updates, etc. 

  • Help assess future programs and projects for viability, alignment with the mission and vision, and reproducibility

  • Facilitate staff hiring and internships, including performing screening conversations, and managing distribution of employment documents and initiating background check 

  • Communicate with school and organizational partners about programs, invoices, etc.


Desirable experience:

  • Small business management including financial management/bookkeeping (Quickbooks Online experience a bonus)

  • Project management

  • Customer service

  • Marketing

  • Interest in community farming and farm-based education. Farming experience is wonderful, but not expected or required

Hourly wage of $22-30 dependent upon experience. We welcome flexibility around work from home during the week versus work onsite to suit your needs and schedule. NVF offers the following benefits: 

  • Free access to all of the food you need to maintain your household (milk, meat, eggs, veg)

  • 5 sick days per year (these are replenished at the start of each calendar year)

  • 5 personal days per year (unused days can roll over to following years up to 3 weeks of accumulated personal days)

  • Flexibility around longer sabbaticals/breaks/vacations. We are always open to folks pursuing the lifestyle and relationship to work that they want to have, and that can sometimes include travels, breaks, etc.

  • Opportunities throughout the year for professional development and ongoing education

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, contact information, and two references to

Summer Camp Counselor

We are hiring day camp counselors for our three summer camps: Pathfinders Camp (ages 5-6), Farm & Garden Camp (ages 6-11, plus Counselors-in-Trainings or CITs from age 12+), and Crew Camp (ages 10+). The counselor position runs from M-F 8-3:30 pm. The program runs from June 12-August 25th. There is no camp the week of July 3-7.

Our summer camp counselors are the backbone of our summer here at New Village. We host around 300 campers over the course of the summer, many of whom return year after year because they love the blend of freedom, trust, responsibility, and fun at the core of our programs.

Our camps:

Pathfinders (ages 5-6): Pathfinders is a program designed to serve our youngest campers with smaller group sizes and a space all their own for exploration, imagination, and the joyful work of the farm. This program eases newcomers into the magic and responsibility of work with animals and plants at a moderate pace. We follow a rhythm similar to Farm and Garden Camp; we spend our morning working with the animals and in the garden, and our afternoons are spent exploring the woods, quarry, fields, and marshes around the farm, and diving into the interests that emerge from the group. Projects can range from animal care, gardening, carpentry, wilderness skills, nature crafts, painting, and whatever we dream up together. Those applying to lead Pathfinders must have relevant, professional experience working with 4-6 year old children. Our Pathfinders camp will run for only 8 weeks of summer, taking off the week of August 21st-25th. In Pathfinders, there are 2 counselors for the 12 campers plus at least 2 CITs.

Farm & Garden Camp (ages 6-11, plus CITs from age 12+): Farm and Garden Camp is our longest-running program. We are committed to their participation in the stewardship of animals, farms, gardens, and wild spaces. We build our programs around their love of nature and animals, their capacity for kindness, their competence in work, and their right to belong. Mornings are spent working with animals and in the garden. Afternoons are spent in a mixture of free play and planned activities, including craft and construction projects, marsh/field/forest play, and lots of animal time. In F&G, there are 3 counselors for the 18 campers, plus at least 4 CITs.


Crew Camp (ages 10+): The focus of this camp is continuing to grow the skills and competence of the many kids who value animal husbandry, gardening and outdoor engagement.  Crew members are responsible for the execution of all chores that go beyond the scope of the younger camps, including milking cows, daily pasture rotations and fence maintenance, gardening, etc. Crew also engages in carpentry and other projects that serve the farm’s infrastructure. In Crew, there are 2 counselors for the 8 campers, no CITs.

Required Qualities:

  • Relevant educational or childcare experience

  • Prior farm experience, in livestock or veg, is preferred but not required

  • A passion for the outdoors and the work of farming and gardening 

  • A passion for fostering nature awareness, mindfulness, wonder, and creativity

  • The ability to direct and support farm chore times for a mixed-age group, so that they experience satisfaction and competence

  • The ability to support kids in pursuing healthy, self-directed projects and interests

  • Exceptional group management skills

  • A Behavior = Communication approach to discipline, familiarity with restorative practices 

  • Professional and compassionate interpersonal skills

  • Exceptional intuition and judgment, and willingness to use it

  • Reliable transportation (car, bus, or ability to coordinate carpooling with other counselors)

  • A personal cell-phone for inter-counselor communication

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing the arc of the camp day, including farm chores (goat milking, chicken & bunny chores, pasture management, garden tasks, etc.)

  • Leading morning and closing circles

  • Teaching daily nature skills (weaving with cattails, plant-ID, natural dyeing, spinning wool, fire by friction, building skills, clay, etc)

  • Mediating challenges within the group using restorative practices 

  • Teaching and practicing safe farm boundaries

  • Co-leading with our counselors and other farm staff

  • Managing the CIT program (mentoring, giving feedback, etc.)

  • Managing verbal communication with parents

The program runs from June 12-August 25th. The first week is devoted to staff training. We will take off the week of July 3rd-7th. Additionally, there are many opportunities to work with students on-farm prior to the beginning of the camp season. We are currently hiring an educator to co-lead Farm School on Tuesdays and Fridays in the Spring (starting in March), and for After School in the Spring (Mondays 2:30-5:15 pm, Wednesdays 1:45-5:15 pm, Thursdays 2:30-5:15 pm). 

Hourly wage $15-20 dependent upon experience. If you are looking for local housing, please reach out! 

Please send a cover letter, resume, contact information, and two references to In your cover letter, please write about why you’d like to work in farm-based education, what you think feels unique about NVF, what skills/activities you’d like to bring to the work, and your relevant experience working with kids and farming. Please indicate your preference between Pathfinders, Farm & Garden Camp, or Crew Camp in your cover letter. 

We commit to replying to every applicant. If you have not heard back from us within two weeks, please send us a nudge – we’re out farming!

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