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Community Gardens

Through our new non-profit, New Village Community Partners, we are able to offer you community garden plots. Our plots are available in three sizes. In order to reduce barriers, we have priced them on a sliding scale (detailed below).


To reserve a plot, email us at!


Small Kitchen Plot - 150 sq ft - Beginner-friendly; enough space for fresh food for 1-2 people or to supplement produce and reduce cost for a larger family.

  • Pricing: Community-- $0; Standard-- $20; Support-- $25

Medium Garden Plot - 300 sq ft - Enough to grow fresh food for a family of 3-4, or grow an excess of specialty items for preservation.

  • Pricing: Community-- $0; Standard-- $35; Support-- $40

Large Mini Farm Plot - 600 sq ft - For more serious gardeners; enough to grow fresh food for a family of 4-5 with room for preservation and storage crops.

  • Pricing: Community-- $0; Standard-- $55; Support-- $60

Included with all plots: Compost access, hand tools, water access, and some donated seed! 

Grant support from NOFA-VT and SCHIP has allowed us to also support bed preparation, fencing around garden, soil testing, potting soil, trellis/staking materials, shared fruit trees, and gardening support. 

** If finances are an issue or you would like a plot of a different size, please reach out to us at we are dedicated to accommodating all those who seek to grow their own food! **

Some ideas of what you might grow (the possibilities are endless!): 
  • Herb gardens -- for fresh herbs; dehydrate excess for year-round homegrown spices and medicine.

  • Grow a salad garden -- mixed greens, radish, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, oh my.

  • Sauce, salsa, or pickling garden -- to preserve summer's bounty

  • Homegrown flowers for events (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries) or for the simple joy and beauty of it!

  • Craft garden-- grow plants for dyeing, weaving, or to make soaps, luffas, or canteens.

  • Split a plot with friends or another family for more fun and manageable upkeep!

Pricing explained:

Our community gardens are priced on a sliding scale. We have three tiers:

  • Support -- This price covers our costs to deliver the program and it helps us to maintain the tiered pricing model to expand access to our community. Please consider paying the "support" price if you:

    • ... Are securely employed and live in a multi-income home​

    • ... Do not have significant loans or debt that inhibit your everyday spending

    • ... Would not require community support in the case of emergencies

  • Standard -- This is the cost to deliver these plots. Please consider paying the "standard" price if you:

    • ... Are securely employed and/or live in a multi-income home​

    • ... Have an amount of savings that brings you relative financial security

    • ... Have access to community financial support in cases of emergencies

  • Community -- The "community" price is for those those who could not otherwise afford to participate in the gardens.  For example, if you are...

    • ... Underemployed

    • ... Have limited or no access to community financial support in the case of emergency

    • ... Are disabled in any way that inhibits your ability to work

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