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Drop-In Program Days




We run Drop-In Program Days when the Champlain Valley School District Schools are out of session. This Spring, we will be hosting kids on the farm for:

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences, March 22nd

  • The Solar Eclipse, April 8th; we're hosting a morning program (8:30-11:30 am) and an afternoon program (11:30 am-3:00 pm or 5:15 pm -- two pick up options)

  • Eid, April 10th

  • April Vacation Camp, April 22nd-26th

  • Memorial Day, May 27th

Please direct any questions to:


Daily Flow

No two days are the same, though the flow of the day remains constant.  Our days are a balance between farm driven projects, wilderness exploration, and kid-driven play. Projects include construction, carpentry, nature crafts, handwork, cooking, etc.

8:30-9:00 // Arrival

9:10 // Morning Circle

9:30 // Chores

10:30 // Snack

10:50 // Project time 

11:30 // Secondary Chores

12:00 // Early pick up & Late drop off

12:15 // Hike to Lunch

1:00 // Story time, game time, forest exploration

1:45 // Hike back to the Farm

2:00 // Afternoon Checks

2:30 // Project wrap up time

2:45 // Closing Circle

3:00 // Pick up

Packing List:
  • Hearty lunch

  • Hearty snack

  • Warm beverage (tea or hot cocoa)

  • Two filled water bottles

  • Hat

  • Rain clothes (rain pants and rain jacket)

  • Extra base layers and midlayer

  • Extra socks

  • Thin gloves/mittens

  • Winter boots

  • Muddy/wet clothes bag, a plastic bag works well for this

  • Please leave all knives, tools, and electronics at home. (If your child has a cell phone, we require them to keep it in their bin unless they need to contact an adult.)


We will educate the children in safe farm conduct around poisonous plants, electric fences, tools, and the animals. At NVF, we do our best to meet kids where they are. However, we have baseline expectations that kids can understand the meaning of "no," "pause," and "stop", that they can be responsible for taking care of their fundamental needs (e.g. fueling their body with water and food, dressing themselves for the weather, etc.), that they can follow basic directions, and that they can operate in a group setting with other kids. New Village Farm reserves the right to ask children who infringes on the safety of themselves or others by consistently violating the boundaries and conduct requested of them.​

Refund & Cancellation Policy
  • For each registration, there is a 20% non-refundable deposit built into the cost.​

  • If you cancel 14 days before the program, we will provide a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit.

  • If you cancel between 13 and 8 days before the program day, we will provide a 50% refund.

  • Within 7 days of the program day, we cannot offer a refund of payment, but we can offer some credit on a case by case basis.

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