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Farm School Program (Ages 5-9 yrs)

We run two Farm School programs; one for kids ages 5-9 and the other for kids aged 10 and up. Kids enrolled in Farm School opt out of their traditional school one day per week on a semester-long or year-long basis. At NVF, we have our own farm & forest curriculum to complement their in-school or homeschool learning. Farm School curriculum changes with the seasons; from harvest and cider pressing, to igloos and ice skating, to tending to seedlings and baby animals.


Reconnect your child to the rhythm of the seasons by giving them a full day each week to be outdoors! We find most students benefit from the grounding and belonging the farm provides -- not only at the farm, but also at school and at home.

We offer flexible participation options. To please shoot us an email at to make scheduling arrangements.

  • We offer a Biweekly option, so kids can come every other week. This option costs $600 for the half semester.

  • We offer two half day options, available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. One half day per week costs $600 for the semester, or $40/day.

    • We offer an early pick-up option for kids who are not yet ready for the full day. The early pick up time is 12:00 pm.

    • We also offer a late drop-off option for kids who might need an academic morning, and an afternoon spent outside. The late drop off time is 12:00 pm.



This year, we have modified our registration format from a trimester system to a semester system. If parents decide to commit their children to a full year of Farm School, we are offering a 10 percent discount to the price! If you join in the middle of the semester, we will always prorate the price, so you'll only pay for what you attend.

Our Spring Semester will run Tuesdays-Fridays, from February 6th through May 31st, 2024.

Sibling Discount: After signing up your first child, we offer a 10% sibling discount for subsequent siblings.

Daily Flow

No two days are the same, though the flow of the day remains constant.  Our days are a balance between farm driven projects, wilderness exploration, and kid-driven play. Projects include construction, carpentry, nature crafts, handwork, cooking, etc.

8:30-9:00 // Arrival

9:10 // Morning Circle

9:30 // Chores

10:30 // Snack

10:50 // Project time 

11:30 // Secondary Chores

12:00 // Early pick up & Late drop off

12:15 // Hike to Lunch

1:00 // Story time, game time, forest exploration

1:45 // Hike back to the Farm

2:00 // Afternoon Checks

2:30 // Project wrap up time

2:45 // Closing Circle

3:00 // Pick up

Packing List
  • Hearty lunch

  • Hearty snack

  • Warm beverage (tea or hot cocoa in Thermos)

  • Two filled water bottles

  • Winter hat

  • Midlayer

  • If it's a chilly day, snow clothes (snow pants & ski jacket)

  • If it's a more temperate day, rain gear (rain jacket & rain pants)

  • Mittens or gloves

  • Winter boots

  • Extra socks

  • Muddy/wet clothes bag, a plastic bag works well for this

  • Please leave all knives, tools, and electronics at home. (If your child has a cell phone, we require them to keep it in their bin unless they need to contact an adult.)


We generally follow the Champlain Valley School District’s calendar. In addition to our Winter break (December 23rd through February 4th), we also take off Thanksgiving week (November 21st-24th), February Break (February 27th-March 1st), Spring Break (April 22nd-26th). There are 15 Farm School days in our Spring semester.

Snow Days

Again, we generally follow the Champlain Valley School District’s snow day policy. If there are more than 3 canceled snow days in a semester, we will offer a makeup day.

Sick Days

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for sick days. It might be possible to schedule a makeup day for your child. Please get in touch with us!


We will educate the children in safe farm conduct around poisonous plants, farm equipment, electric fences, and the animals. New Village Farm reserves the right to terminate its relationship with any child who infringes on the safety of themselves or others by consistently violating the boundaries and conduct requested of them.

Please direct any questions and trial day inquiries to:

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • For each registration, there is a $200 non refundable deposit built into the cost.

  • If you cancel before January 16th, we will provide a full refund minus the $200 non-refundable deposit.

  • If you cancel between January 17th and February 16th, we will provide a 50% refund.

  • After February 16th, we cannot offer a refund of payment, but we can offer some credit on a case by case basis.

New Village Farm's Tax ID: 27-4665607

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