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Raw Milk, Beef, and Eggs

Products from the Pastures

We offer the following products in our Farm Stand:


Reserve Milk Program

Cow & Goat

Farm Stand

8am - Dusk

7 days a week

700 Harbor Rd.

Shelburne, VT, 05483

Type "New Village Farm" into Google Maps for accurate directions.

Our Self Serve Farm Stand is open every day from 8 am until dusk.  You can typically find a nearby staff person between 8 am and 3 pm to orient you to where things are and how it works.  We have a few different options to make your purchases as simple and easy as possible. We accept cash, card, check and Venmo. If you're a frequent customer can also buy a Farm Purchase Card

What’s a Farm Purchase Card (FPC)?

You can use your Farm Purchase Card on any of our amazing products. You pay once (either $100 or $250) and then simply cross off the amount used at the time of purchase. 

Choose from a physical paper card we will keep in the farmstand for you or our digital purchase cards stored on your smartphone. Please email if you're interested in purchasing a FPC. 

You pay $100, and receive a $105 value FPC

You pay $250, and receive a $269 value FPC

Raw Milk

Cow & Goat

Our dairy cows are tri-purpose Normandes which we find to be excellent grass-fed animals, with good coats and hearty bodies that serve them well in winter.  They have lovely temperaments and do well with the socialization involved in being a part of an education farm.  We have been told that they make the most delicious milk in the area, and we hope you find this to be true. 

Our dairy goats are a mixed herd of Registered Nigerian Dwarfs and Nubian/Alpine/Oberhasli crosses that we graze and browse all over the farm.  These girls are fed a mix of alfalfa, organic dairy grain, black oil sunflower seeds, kelp, and minerals at milking, and eat pasture or hay for the rest of the day depending on the time of year.   Though goats are the most impish and tricky of the ruminants, they are a good match for a group of excited and rambunctious children, so they fit in well around here.  

You can email us at for a walk-through.


Reserve Milk

Cow & Goat

If you regularly pick up milk from the farm and want to ensure milk for yourself, consider joining our Reserve Milk program! When you become a Reserve Milk customer, you provide your own jars and select a day to pick up your milk each week. We’ll fill up your jars with our raw cow or goat milk, and it will be waiting for you by 11:00 am on your pickup day! 


Reserve Milk customers are responsible for cleaning their own jars. All Reserve Milk customers will be offered a brief orientation at their convenience.


For more information, you can email us at

Frozen beef



Our herd is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.  We do our best to raise the most contented, healthy animals possible, which includes calves nursing and learning to graze from their mothers, rotating pastures twice daily in the growing season, and making sure animals have shelter and access to the outdoors in all seasons. We have found sharing this meat with our community is the best way for us to honor our beloved cows.

We offer bulk Beef Boxes and Eighth & Quarter of a cow. You can access our forms to order these products by clicking on the links above. Contact us at with questions. 


Whole Pastured Chickens

Our layers are raised on organic, non-GMO grain and compost from our gardens. They are free-range with access to our entire farm during the day. They are as healthy and vigorous foragers as we have ever seen, and receive lots of adoration from our students and families. 

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