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Animals for Sale

Available Animals:

  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats

  • Nubian/Alpine/Oberhasli Goats
  • Rabbits

For details, pricing, and to arrange to meet our animals for sale, please contact


Our goats are a mixed herd of Registered Nigerian Dwarfs and Nubian/Alpine/Oberhasli crosses that we graze and browse all over the farm. Our milking goats are fed a mix of alfalfa, organic dairy grain, black oil sunflower seeds, kelp, and minerals and eat pasture, or browse hay for the rest of the day depending on the time of year.  The goats are born and raised on the farm and spend lots of time with people and small children, so they're very friendly and social! 


We have a variety of Rex rabbits ranging in color, size, and age. Our bunnies grow up at the farms and are accustomed to young children, so they are very curious and amiable companions! Some of our bunnies are happiest living solo, and others live in bonded pairs. Pricing is $30 per rabbit, or $60 per bonded pair. 

Availale now

Available now!


Jasper: $150

  • Nigerian Dwarf goat (not registered) 8 y.o. 

Disposition: Jasper is a great, low-key goat. She would be a great addition to any existing herd. 

Jemima and Fig: $250

  • Nigerian Dwarf goat (not registered) 4 y.o.

  • Paired with daughter Fig born 7/27/23

  • Jemima: $150  

  • Fig: $100

Disposition: Jemima is curious and independent, and if you spend a little time with her she'll give you all her love. Fig is playful and equally loving. 

j and f_edited.jpg

Yuki (bred): $200

  • 3/4 Nigerian Drawf, 1/4 Alpine; 3 y.o.

  • Expected due date: 5/20/24 

Disposition: Yuki is confident and comfortable. She comes from a strong maternal lineage and would be a great addition to an existing herd. 

Fairbanks: $200

  • Nigerian Dwarf goat (not registered); 6 y.o.

Disposition: Fairbanks is gentle and incredibly sweet. She would do well with children and a small herd. 

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