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Reserve Milk Program

If you regularly pick up milk from the farm and want to ensure that there is always milk there for you, consider joining our Reserve Milk program! When you become a Reserve Milk customer, you provide your own jars and select a day to pick up your milk each week. We’ll fill up your jars with our delicious raw cow or goat milk, and it will be waiting for you by 10:30am on your pickup day! 


Reserve Milk customers are responsible for their own bottle cleaning and sterilization, and should leave their clean, dry bottles in the Reserve Milk Bottle cabinet under their assigned day of the week. Most customers find it convenient to leave next week’s bottles in the cabinet when they pick up their milk for the week. 


All Reserve Milk customers will be offered a brief 5 minute orientation at their convenience, where we will go over where to find your milk, put your jars, pay for your milk, and any other questions that may arise.  

For more information or to request a Reserve Day, please contact Mallory at

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