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Patron Program

Visiting the farm is a wonderful experience but feeling at home here is even better! While we continue to welcome all visitors, we have created the Farm Patron Program to serve individuals and families looking to deepen their connection with New Village Farm. Some are interested in expanding their relationship with the animals, others with the gardens, and some are looking to become more involved in the day-to-day rhythms of the farm through volunteering. The Patron Program is meant to give you the resources and knowledge to participate on the farm, at your leisure, as you feel called to. This program also supports us! Patron fees help us provide resources for the farm and all of its inhabitants. Patron training allows us to provide a safe and stable environment for our well-loved animals. 

A farmer will conduct Patron Mornings every Saturday from 9am-11am. These include a farm tour and orientation if needed. During this time, a farmer is also available to mentor you while you explore the farm and hang out with some of our animals! We are here to support you in learning more about the farm and our practices. Our goal is to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to engage independently with some areas of the farm.

We will support you in finding ways to unite your interests with our mission here through meaningful experiences. Certain activities may require scheduled commitment, or your commitment may be at your leisure. This is not an employment or volunteer relationship. We are excited to have our community involved in what we do here while as a means for supporting personal fulfillment and growth.

This is a new program and we are excited to see it evolve to meet the needs of the farm and our community. We welcome questions, feedback, comments, and suggestions at

Patrons receive discounts on selected workshops and animals care programs. They also get an opportunity to register for programs before they open to the general public. They receive a New Village Farm hat or T-shirt!   

Minors participating on the farm as patrons must be accompanied by an adult. 

Patron Program Annual Cost: Individual: $125 Family: $195 Scholarships available. 

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