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Covid Updates

July 25th, 2020

Thank you for choosing New Village Farm Programs for your child in this challenging time.  We are juggling all the variables and remain committed to creating safe, healthy and rich experiences for your children. We are offering School Year Programming which will run outdoors in all weather and conditions. We have covered spaces we can use in terrible weather, but know if you enroll in our programs we will be out there working hard to embrace the year round range of weather Vermont has to offer.

We continue to offer an the ability for you to withdraw from our programs at any time with a non refundable $50 fee or a credit for the full amount to apply to future programming.   The sooner you notify us, the better.  If you have already communicated that you are withdrawing your child, we apologize that we are not yet caught up with the task of updating the registration system and issuing credits or refunds.  We hope to complete that process early this week, and then be able to complete transfers and additions.  Thank you for bearing with us.  

Second, we are all in this together and doing our best to keep everyone safe. Please help us by respecting social distancing and other health requirements. We will be performing health checks of children each morning as they arrive. This includes taking temperatures with no touch thermometers and monitoring for symptoms. Any children exhibiting any cold symptoms will be sent home.  You are also asked to keep your child home if they have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID within the previous 14 days.

Our focus will be on remaining outdoors and social distancing, we will wear masks when we can’t keep a minimum of 6 feet apart.  We are requiring that all children have a face covering, such as a mask or bandana on their persons at all times, preferably around their necks. They will not be wearing them over their mouths and noses unless we are unable to keep further apart than the minimum 6 foot distance, or we are encountering a customer or visitor, or handling food.


For instance, we will pull up our masks when we:

  • Approach each other for a morning greeting or a quieter conversation

  • Need to enter a building during a storm or to gather tools or supplies

  • Enter the chicken coop together

  • Deliver eggs to the farm stand

  • Milk a goat, or are in the goat shelter together

  • Administer first aid, support sunscreen applications

  • Gather around an animal or a resource 

  • Play a game that may bring us closer than 6 feet apart

If you require that your child be held to different parameters, please inform us. We will have  supplies to make face shields if your child might prefer one over a mask.

Please send your child with a labeled weatherproof tote that can shelter all their gear. We recommend an 18 to 30 gallon bin with a tight fitting lid. Your child will be assigned to a shady location 10 feet from the nearest person’s so we can avoid congregating during events such as putting on sunscreen/bug spray, changing into different gear, and getting out our lunch boxes. Siblings are welcome to share a space and tote.

In our other efforts to observe social distancing, our circle is painted with 6 ft distant seating markers, we have created swim toys with handles 6 feet apart and have spaced large painted rocks 8 feet apart in all our picnicking locations to support socially distant snack and lunch times.

Drop off is between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. Pick up is at 3:00 PM.  There is no aftercare available.  Someone will direct you as to your child’s tote location the first day, and that will remain consistent throughout the week. Please inform the staff of who will be picking up your child.

May 25, 2020

Dear New Village Farm Camp Parents,
Thank you for your patience in awaiting this Summer 2020 update. 

  • We will be running Farm and Garden Camp for 5-11 year olds according to Vermont Department of Health  Camp Guidelines. Our max group size will be 25, including staff. 

  • We will also be running our Crew Camp for ages 10 and up according to Vermont Department of Health  Camp Guidelines. Crew camp will run at a separate campus on our farm located at our quarry. 

  • The two camps will not intermingle. 

  • We will not be running aftercare. Crew and Farm and Garden Camp will both end at 3pm

We are currently preparing our spaces and practices to support social distancing. As we finalize these changes, we will be sending out more detailed protocol information. We appreciate your understanding that the many variables in working with children may require several system adjustments as we proceed. We will also be sending a COVID-19 waiver, as well as a Community Health Contract for all campers. 
Staff and campers will be following social distancing guidelines and health measures in order to provide the safest environment possible. We understand that these measures can be taxing on everyone, especially our younger groups. If your child is unable to adhere to Health Department guidelines for a full day, they may be asked to limit their time here to half days.
We hope that New Village Farm will be a joyful and enriching experience for your child this summer. Our mission of fostering joy, competence and belonging through farming remains unchanged during these uncertain times.
We encourage everyone to make the best choice for their family. We  understand that every family has their own individual needs to consider. We will be offering refunds for all campers up to a month before their camp start date.  

Email with camp questions. 

All the best, from our crew to yours.

We’ve included some other resources that have informed our plans:


May 16, 2020

We are currently analyzing the new Vermont State Health Guidance for Childcare. We are integrating all protocols  and procedures into our program to allow for a safe 2020 summer camp season. On May 20th, New Village Farm will be  participating in a dialogue about safety with other local summer camp directors.  We will be contacting all enrolled  families with protocol details no later than Friday, May 22. We are committed to being proactive and transparent regarding our protocols so that you can make an informed choice for your family.

May 5, 2020

Thank you for your patience as we navigate our approach to summer programing. Despite these unfamiliar times, the demands of a working farm in the spring remain consistent. We have been carefully considering different approaches and staying aware of the latest updates and suggestions. 

At this time, it is our intention to proceed with summer programming. We are committed to making your child's summer camp experience as safe and rich as possible. Because of this, there may be changes to the way our camp usually runs. We are working out the logistics of limiting our group sizes, educating ourselves on the equipment needed for safe interaction, and intend to implement any protocols required by the state or the farm. We believe that with vigilance and mindfulness our vast outdoor setting has the capacity to provide safe experiences during the camp season.

We will be sending out a survey in the coming two weeks, and hope to hear your concerns, suggestions, and insights. Our goal has always been meeting your children’s needs, and we will continue to meet that goal during COVID-19. In addition to our June 1st deadline, we will honor all monetary refunds up until one month before your camp start date. There is an option reallocate some or all of your tuition to a future program or other farm products. Facing the possibility of reduced camp sizes and uncertain circumstances, we appreciate your support. 

Whether or not you chose to send your child to camp this year, know that we think of you all often. We are grateful for your continued support and remain commited to serving you in any way we can. 

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