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Animals for Adoption

Available Animals:

For details, pricing, and to arrange to meet our animals for adoption, please contact


Some of our older bunnies and those that were originally rescues given to the farm are available for adoption for a $15 adoption fee per bunny, $30 per bonded pair. We have a variety of rabbit breeds ranging in color, size, and age. Our bunnies are accustomed to young children, so they are very curious and amiable companions! Some of our bunnies are happiest living solo, and others live in bonded pairs. Please contact for details.

Featured Bunnies for Adoption:

Blizzard &

Meet bonded pair Blizzard and Bernie!

Blizzard (white and grayish brown) was rescued by New Village Farm so we are unsure of his exact age and breed. He is good about being snuggled and can be invited onto your lap with some treats.


Bernie (brown) is a Chestnut Netherland Dwarf born in 2016. He is a bit more shy at first, but will settle once he feels safe. He also enjoys treats and pets.

For interest in adopting Blizzard & Bernie, please email us at


Laying Hens

Our layers are raised on organic grain, waste produce and foraged insects. Older layers are available for adoption with a $10 adoption fee per bird. Please contact for pricing and details.