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Animal Rentals

In March of 2020, we created our animal rental program to give kids the opportunity to remain connected to our animals despite not being able to gather on the farm. We believe that this program fits perfectly with our desire to support children in gaining a sense of belonging to the world and the farm through building connections with animals and nature. Our program gives families the opportunity to experience having an animal in the home and explore whether long-term animal ownership is right for them.

Hatch and Care Program:


This program supports and subsidizes ethical farming of chickens. We'll send you home with fertilized eggs, an incubator, and everything you need to care for the chicks once they have hatched. Eggs are incubated for 21 days, hatch, and chicks stay in your home for 10 days. You are welcome to extend their stay if you’re not ready to say goodbye


Registration for spring 2023 opens February 24th! Email questions to


Bunny Program:


Bunnies have a gift for teaching us trust and respect. The bunny program places a pair of rabbits in your care for a minimum of one month. We choose not to do shorter stays due to a bunny’s need to feel safe in it’s surroundings. A month gives the bunny an opportunity to settle into its new home and its relationship with you. We will send you home with two rabbits, a hutch, and everything else you need to care for it. In order to ensure that the visit is positive for you and the bunnies, we require an application. You are welcome to extend your stay past a month if things are going well!


Apply now to be able to rent a starting in late May!



Laying Hens Program:


There's nothing like gathering fresh eggs for your morning omelet right from your backyard! We will send you home with two hens minimum, a coop, and everything else you need to care for them. The rental period is for the full summer and early fall, from May 14-October 30.

Registration for summer 2023 opens soon—stay tuned! Email questions to


Goat Program:

This year we are designing a more sustainable Goat Rental Program to offer in the coming seasons. Although we won't be offering goat rentals in 2023, you can still spend time with our goats by volunteering on the farm. If you are interested in volunteering please email us at  


Additional Info

  • All of our programs include support from farmers when needed. We are glad to answer all your questions and guide you through any challenges that may arise. Our literature should answer quite a few questions, so make sure to read the pamphlets on animal care.

  • We recommend that you have a conversation with your kids in advance to gauge their interest level and commitment. From there you can discuss family commitments around their care, create realistic goals that set your kids up for success without overwhelming them. Think through how you want to manage the workload and what supports your kids find encouraging. Be clear of what you expect from your kids, and what you are willing to support. For example, you might be as excited as they are about the animals and be willing to split chores 50/50 with them, or you might have them take on all daily chores, but be there to support weekly bedding changes and cage clean out. Or you might do chores together the first few days, supervise their mastery and give them independence as they prove their skills (watering can be particularly challenging).

  • In programs where you provide your own equipment the farm still provides food, bedding, support, and an incubator for the Hatch and Care program.

On Death and Loss

Working with living things exposes us to the possibility of loss and death. It is one of the most difficult aspects of pet care/ownership. Though we sincerely hope that it is not part of this experience for you, it would be irresponsible of us to pretend it can’t happen. We have prepared the following pdf to help you consider this aspect of pet care as an opportunity for growth for all involved. Reach out. We are here is you need us at


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