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Parent Testimonials

We like to send out feedback surveys at the end of our programs, so parents and kids can provide input on how to improve our programs. Respondents can also opt to share an anonymous testimonial. We have posted a few of them below:


  • "Our child is his best self on farm days. He comes home grounded, engaged, compassionate, bigger and more alive. He shares that joy easily with our family. Everything is better and brighter on 'Farm Days.'"

  • "New Village Farm fosters independence and purpose by allowing kids to engage on the farm at their own pace. The staff support kids as they learn to trust themselves in the world and gives them the confidence to discover who they are."

  • "We are so thankful for New Village Farm School and its beautifully profound impact on our family. Not only does Farm School break up the week of traditional learning with true experiential learning, it addresses each of our kids' varying needs in a safe and nurturing environment. For our oldest (9), the Farm helps her extend her comfort levels and build confidence. For our energetic middle (8), the Farm provides him with the hands-on learning and energy release he craves. And for our youngest (6), the Farm helps build on his sense of responsibility and community. Whether it's assisting with farm projects, witnessing baby goats enter the world, climbing trees, daily circles and chores, caring for animals, or even approaching and processing death/loss, the Farm meets our kids where they are at and provides a compassionate and emotionally safe space. Our kids leave Farm School with a renewed and expanded appreciation, thoughtfulness and connection to nature, themselves and their community overall. We feel so fortunate to have New Village Farm as part of our kids' education and life experience." 

  • "New Village Farm teaches kids how to care for animals, the land and one another.  When our child comes home after a day at the farm, everything in our house is more joyful. He is confident and compassionate – life skills he practices at the farm."

  • "Farm day is our daughter's favorite day of the week. The program has the right mix of hands-on learning and free play, and the staff are wonderfully caring and capable. She's so proud of the work she does for the farm and all of the practical skills and knowledge she has gained. Most of all, we love seeing how confident and emotionally grounded she has become during her time there. We feel so fortunate to be part of this community!" 

  • "We initially stumbled into farm school due to Covid and it has such a profound positive impact on our son. NVF feels like our home away from home. The farm has instilled confidence, independence, and a deep love of the outdoors."

  • "Every day after camp, my son came home totally inspired, excited to tell me everything he had done at camp. I appreciate the building of physical stamina and will forces, and my child came home grounded. I knew he had been doing good, purposeful work." 

  • "Our daughter's farm crew camp weeks exceeded her expectations and mine. I see her feeling comfortable in and pulled toward natural spaces and farm animals, and expressing openness, curiosity, respect, and affection for the farm, the animals, and the educators at NVF. It feels like home to her!"

  • "My child found such solace and joy participating in the community of NVF Farm Camp."

  • "My son struggles with a hidden disability as well as a neurodevelopmental disorder. You would never know this to look at him, but it greatly affects his self esteem and ability to form relationships with peers. NVF provides a safe space where is free to be himself, at any moment in time. When he is fully engaged and wants to take on more responsibility, they make arrangements to provide those opportunities. When he is less focused and wants to flutter from one activity to another, he is reminded to do so in a way that is safe to himself, other campers, and the animals. He forms deep connections with animals and that grounding affinity is nurtured, especially when he is struggling to process his emotions. NVF is a place of healing and growth, and our family will be forever grateful for the work you do. Thank you!"

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