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The Beauty and Magic of Herbal Tea Making

​Tuesday May 17th- 5:30pm-7pm - Rescheduling due to rain! Please check back soon for new date & time

Adult: $20 (group discount available); Child 9 and older: $10; Child 8 and younger: Free

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A beautiful way to hydrate and infuse our bodies with all the things they need, herbal teas are fantastic ways to blend herbal medicine into your daily life. From the delicate tastes of Lilacs to the deep warmth of Chai, the magic of combining herbs and water is endless. But how do we create blends that highlight the beauty of each herb? How long do we infuse them? Why do we steep some herbs cold and some hot? These are the questions!


Join us for some tea tasting, taste discovering, and body loving to explore the beauty and magic of herbal infusions. We will make tea with intention and discuss the ways that we can use teas to support the deep complexities of our bodies and beings. From nervous system support to nutrition, energetics to steeping methods, we will explore the immense power herbal teas offer us to support our health and vitality. You will return home with excitement to blend herbs from your backyard, local trails, spice cabinet, and beyond to sip with reverence for the world around us.

Springtime Tonics: The Beauty of Roots and Weeds

Saturday May 21st- 11am-12:30pm - Free :)

Tuesday May 24th- 5:30pm-7pm -

Adult: $20 (group discount available; Child 9 and older: $10; Child 8 and younger: Free

Herbalism Class Pass & Class Bundle info

As the luscious meadows and forests come back to life, our bodies begin to wake up and rejoice in the warmer times ahead of us. From the grounding nature of Burdock to the nutritive qualities of Nettles, there is food growing all around us to aid our digestion, strengthen our nervous systems, and greet our tastebuds with delight. These plants, often seen as weeds across the land, are highly nutritious, multifaceted, widely available, and ready to meet you! Learning the ways of the medicines in our backyards, local natural spaces, roadsides, and waterfronts, we wake up with springtime deep within our bodies like never before. The systems within us shift to wake up, get ready, and move with love toward the bright times to come. 


We will begin our time together journeying around the farm to meet these plants, listen to their songs of welcome this growing season, and delve into how we can integrate them into our lives. After some plant loving and harvesting, we will come back to the farmyard and make some light snacks with the herbs we wildcrafted. We will discuss and practice some great ways to tend, harvest, prepare, and consume these plants while they are abundant this time of year and gather excitement about the plant allies that will be sharing their beauty with us over the next few months!

Preserving Vibrancy: Harvesting and Drying Herbs for Vitality

Sunday May 29th- 11am-12:30pm

Tuesday May 31st- 4:30pm-6pm

Adult: $20 (group discount available); Child 9 and older: $10; Child 8 and younger: Free

Herbalism Class Pass & Class Bundle info

Have you ever grown absolutely beautiful herbs and flowers then didn’t know how to preserve them after the harvest? Ever dried herbs and ended up with brown, moldy, or overall sad looking plants in the end? In this class we will be learning the different ways to harvest plants to encourage growth, leaves an abundance for the bees, and keeps the plant thriving throughout the season. After harvesting a variety of medicinals around the farm, we will learn a whole host of ways to dry our herbs to preserve their quality and vitality. We will then explore which drying methods work best for different plants, and how you can begin growing your apothecary with as little as a few paper bags and recycled jam jars. All the while we will admire the beauty of our favorite spring ephemerals and delight in the excitement for the growing season taking shape before our eyes!

Intro to Growing Veggies Part 2: Garden Maintenance, Pest Management, and Harvest

Saturday June 4th - 10am-12pm

Adult: $25 (group discount available)

Child 9 and older: $10

Child 8 and younger: Free

Get yourself acquainted with your garden or soon to be garden! It doesn't matter if you’re brand new to the vegetable gardening game or you're a seasoned pro, this workshop is for everyone! Get all your vegetable questions answered with a hands-on learning session, so bring gloves.

We will be covering a multitude of topics including, but not limited to, garden maintenance, pest management, and harvesting. Learn about NVF’s Pick-Your-Own garden model and take your new found knowledge back to your own homes to have a bountiful harvest this season! We will provide any tools needed during the workshop, just bring appropriate footwear and dress for the weather. We hope to see you soon and we are so excited to welcome the community back into our gardens!

Herbalism Series Class Passes - please email for details

  • Rosemary Class Pass ~ Any 3 classes for $92 (up to $105 value)

  • Linden Class Pass ~ Any 5 classes for $160 (up to a $175 value)

  • Sage Class Pass ~ Any 7 classes for $200 (up to a $245 value)

Herbalism Series Class Bundles - please email for details

  • Herb Walk Series 

  • Adult $65 ($80 value), Child 9 and older $25

    • Early Spring Herb Walk (5/1 or 5/3)

    • Early Summer Herb Walk (mid-June)

    • Midsummer Herb Walk (early August)

    • Late Summer/Early Fall Herb Walk (late August)

  • Introduction to Herbal Medicine Series

  • Adult $150 ($165 value), Child 9 and older $90

    • Why Herbal Medicine?

    • The Beauty and Magic of Herbal Tea Making

    • Preserving Vibrancy: Harvesting and Drying Herbs for Vitality

    • Awaken the Senses: Exploring the Gifts of Hydrosols, Aromatics, and Nervines

    • Herbal Tinctures, Vinegars, and Glycerites: Potent Extractions filled with Love

    • DIY First Aid Kit: Burns, Bites, and Everything in Between